Special Wine Party

Wine Bar is a tradition of Miao people to welcome guests. Whenever Miao family held important festivities, they would invite a lot of respected patriarch and singers to celebrate together. There is a large square table and some wins on it. When guests arrive , the patriarch will sing blessings and the important guests should sing thanks. Then the local would put bowals of wine in front of the door. Guests would be asked to take a drink so that they are allowed to enter the village, The more the guests drink , the happier the native residents would be. There are two kinds of wine bar.  One is corn wine, which is particularly for men. Another is glutinous rice wine, which tastes sweet and suitable for both young and old people. If you are a guest in Fenghuang , you should drink some Glutinous Rice wine at least, otherwise , you are not welcome . After finished the ceremony above, the host and hostess will give a way to welcome guests in .