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Chinese Name: 凤凰古城 English IPA: Fenghuang Ancient Town Location: West Of Hunan Province Population (city): 70000 Language: Tujia, Miao Ethnic Language Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

The county town of Fenghuang( Phoenix) had long been the political, military, economic and cultural center of the whole West Hunan before New Chinas founding in 1949. In December 2006, Fenghuang ancient town was inscribed into”List of china’s Preparatory Sites of World Cultural Heritage”, the first site in Hunan ever included in that list. Since then Fenghuang town has been known as “the most beautiful town of China”.The old town of Fenghuang dates back to 1704, and preserves its ancient style despite the social upheavals of over 3 centuries. The main street, a slab-covered one, stretches eastward from Daomenkou to Cross Street, East Main Street, West Main Street, Huilong( Returning Dragon Tower and other spots until it finally reaches No. I Spring in the World. It covers a distance of over 3,000 m, and is the busiest shopping street in Fenghuang The town is located on the Tuo River. Row through the arched bridge and you’ll see a painting of riverside buildings in the Southeast China style unfolding before you and feel as if you were from the madding crowd. To the southern bank stands the city wall, which seems elegant and grand. And by the river stand old houses on stilts, which make up a landscape painting that can’t be reproduced.

Highlights of Fenghuang

Capture beautiful moment with camera of the Ancient town
Beautiful Bridge in Fenghuang,Hunan Province

Morning is the perfect time for photography of Fenghuang ancient town. The whole city is not yet awake at six or seven o ‘clock in the morning, and the streets are filled with mist ,just get up early and capture the most beautiful moment of the Morning Phoenix Town. The night scenery of Tuojiang river is absolutely incredible , the best place to take a panoramic photo of the Tuo river is standing on the Nanhua Bridge or on the small hill near Shawan.

For those who like photography, the Tuojiang river and the stilted buildings along the river are the most romantic culture and natural landscape of western Hunan. When the water is calm, the reflection of the tens of thousands of towers and stilted buildings on the river surface can be photographed

View the panorama of the ancient city in the stilted building by Tuo river
Fenghuang Ancient Town in Hunan Province

Tujia stilted buildings built along the tuojiang river are witnesses to the history of phoenix.  Staying in the ancient stilted building  is one of the must-experience for visiting Fenghuang ancient town. In the stilted building, you can enjoy the scenery on both sides of the river, and watch tourists rafting on the peaceful Tuojiang river. Even if you don’t stay in the stilted building , find a bar or cafe shop by the river side to sit down and relax, when you Look out from the window, it comes an ancient city of thousands of years which is  surrounded by green mountains.

Take Lala Ferry 

Taking a boat ride in the Tojing river is  funny, watch the shore of the water wharf and stilted building. Lala ferry is a unique way to cross the river in western hunan. Instead of paddling or punting, a boat carrying passengers can be delivered to the other side by a wooden stick with a notch on the iron wire running through the two sides. A trip to lala ferry only costs about one yuan. For visitors, laladu represents the unique style of western hunan written by shen congwen.

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    Fenghuang Ancient Town Attractions

    Rainbow Bridge The soft water weeds grows from the love sickness of the travelers, floating and dancing in the water. the the gentle waves of Tuojiang River, tthousands of people would like to throw away the worldly wishes and be a water plant acquainting the sailor's songs near ear and the stars-shine on the boat. Yet I cannot sing with them.Quietness is the only melody of farewell even the Moonlight is silent for me and silence is the Hongqiao Bridge tonight. The Cyan [...]

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    Fenghuang Ancient Town Tours ,  A most attractive tourist destination in Hunan Province, is known as the most beautiful and romantic ancient town in the world by people . This small ancient city are inhabit by friendly Tujia and Miao minority people with the typical stilt house. There are many things to do and lots of interesting places to visit for people who would like to pay a visit in Fenghuang ancient town. Join us to find more adorable tours [...]


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    Internal Transportation in Fenghuang Phoenix ancient city is not a big town , tourists can get around on foot for most of the places.  1,The Public Bus There are four bus lines operating in Fenghuang ancient city. The daily operating time is from 06:00 to 22:00, and the bus runs every 6-8 minutes. The bus fare is 1 yuan. If you take a bus [...]

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    Ethnic Culture

    Gan Bianbian Chang Go to a fair is called Gan Bianbian Chang by local Fenghuang people. Apart from a variety of agricultural products at reasonable prices, some specialties rarely seen can also be found here, What's more, fairs also serve as a stage for Miao maids from different clans to show off their gorgeous and colorful costumes. Usually a village-level fair is held every five days. As there are numbers of villages, visitors can enjoy themselves almost every day. It is [...]

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