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Chinese Name: 长沙 English IPA: Changsha Location: Southeast of Hunan Population (city): 56 Million Language: Changsha Language Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Sprawling along the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and the Guhan-Guangzhou Railway in the lower reaches of the Xiang River, Changsha, capital of Hunan, has become the political, economic and cultural center of the whole province. The city proper, covering an area of 60 km and inhaleted by around 2. 6 million citizens, consists of five boroughs, and under its jurisdiction are the four counties of Changsha, Wangcheng, Liuyang and Ningxiang. During the Warring States Period(475 bc-221 BC), Changsha was already a key town in the ducal state of Chu, and the City of Changsha was set up here in 223 BC by the Qin court(221 bc–206 BC). Then in 202 BC, it was changed into the State of Changsha by the Han govement(206 bc-220 AD). It remained the capital of the city, county or province in the following dynasties The old history has left to it a great wealth of historic sites and cultural relics. 

Highlights of Changsha

The Fireworks in Juzizhou  Island Every Saturday
Fireworks in Changsha

With the theme of “Romantic Orange Island and Bright Star City”, Juzizhou island fireworks display on each Saturday to show the unique landscape and cities to tourists at home and abroad, it become a new name card of Changsha. Fireworks are set off every Saturday night at a special discharge site in Juzizhou, and make appropriate adjustments in case of  any important festivals or weather condition. Firework set off time for Winter and Spring is 20:00-20:20, and 20:30-20:50 for Summer and Autumn, it last for 20 minutes each time.


Eat a Bowl of Rice Noodles Like a Local
Changsha Dinning-Rice Noodle1

People say that the rice noodle shop is the first “home” he want to go after getting off the train in Changsha.People in Changsha love to eat rice noodles three times a day, even for afternoon tea.During the new year’s festival, all the street and shops are quiet with few people, but the rice noodle shops are always crowded with good business. The key to make the rice noodle is to make clear soup with  pig bone and chicken bone as the base, then add some chopped green onion, Soy sauce and well cooked pork,beef or chicken。 

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    Changsha Attractions

    Changsha boasts a picturesque landscape. With the west bank dominated by the green Yuelu Mountain, the clear Xiang River flows through the city from south to north, turning it into a scenic area with both clear waters and tranquil mountains. The Yuelu Mountain, the Tangerine Island, the martyrs' Park, and the Tianxin Park are only a few of the long known scenic areas here. Besides natural scenes, Changsha also provides man-made sights. changsha's Window on the World, a joint-venture constructed in the eastern [...]

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    Changsha belongs to a subtropical monsoon climate, it has a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. The average annual temperature in the urban area of Changsha is 17.2℃, and that in the counties is 16.8℃ to 17.3℃. The average annual precipitation in the urban area is 1361.6 mm, and that in the counties is 1358.6 ~ 1552.5 mm. Summer and winter in Changsha are long, while spring and autumn are Short, with 118 to 127 days in summer, 117 to 122 days [...]

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    By Flight  Huanghua international airport ,located in the eastern suburbs of the city, is the main travel and transportation airport. There are many flight connect most of the big cities in China and some other countries.  By Train Changsha railway station  is an important one in China, The Beijing-Guangzhou line goes through Changsha to connect the south and north. Shanghai-Kunming line.connecting the east and west through Zhuzhou. There are Many trains [...]

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    Changsha Accommodation

    As a  the capital city of the whole Hunan Province, it’s no necessary to worry about the accommodation in this big city . There are a lot of lots of Good hotels in Chagnsha city with different standard. You may have enjoyed the 5-star modern hotels. Following are some hotels for recommendation,  Changsha Crowne Plaza hotel , Changsha Huatian Hotel.   [...]

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