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Having given birth to Maozedong, the Shao Mountain Village is listed as one of the 4 sacred cradles of the Chinese revolution. Since the founding of New China in 1949, it has received 26 million visitors from the mainland of China, 0.2 million tourists from Hongkong, Macao and  Taiwan and leaders of dozens of countries. People come all the way from every corner of the world not only to recall the eventful life of Mao as a country boy, but also to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Mountain as a holy place. 40 km west of Xiangtan City, the Village lies in a 10-mile-long valley in the Shao Mountain ,which blanketed with dense forests, bestows upon the Village charming scenery. All the year round, it is permeated with festive melodies of unknown birds, lasting fragrance of wild flowers and fresh air from pine trees and bamboo woods When the spring breeze strokes the mountain, azaleas come into full bloom so that the peaks are dyed in a blaze of brilliant red and the villagers blush with warmth and enthusiasm. Early in the morning or just after a shower, the fields are veiled in mist, and the peaks peep out from time to time in the distance. Then, immersed in refreshing and intoxicating scenery, the valley turns into an ink painting. And when the sun rises, the lingering mist gives way to overhanging haze, and simple cottages emerge in the serene valley .At the foot of a virid hill stands the former residence of our leader Mao Zedong. A common cottage typical of South China, it is a simple structure with a single-eaved roof that is covered with small black tiles. Against the verdant woods, the naked walls built of yellow earthen bricks are rather eye-catching, a sure sign of mao’s humble birth.

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