Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Travel Guide

Tianmen mountain would be one of the must-see attractions for all tourists who plan to visit Zhangjiajie.  Better to make an plan and book the entrance tickets in advance as it is always full of people here .

Tianmen Mountain company offers  3 main travel routes  to  seperate tourists crowds . Line A, Line B and Line C. 

Line A :  Use the Long cable way to go up   — Use the Fast cable way to go down

Start Taking the 7.45 kilo meter rope way up the mountain –Glass Walk– Tianmen mountain temple–take Escalator on the mountain top-Heaven gate–Tianmen cave sqaure– 500 Meters walk to Tianmen cave fast cable way –cable way 6 minutes get to the foot–take a shutte 10 minutes get back to the starting point.  

Line BUse the Fast cable way to go up   — Use the Long cable way  to go down

Tourist can take a shuttle bus from the Tianmen Mountain cable car station to the foot of the hill, from there you will take the Fast cable car .


Line C:  Use the Fast cabl e way to go up   — Use the Fast cable way  to go down


What to see on Tianmen Mountain 

1,Tongtian Avenue

Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Tongtian Avenue Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Tongtian Avenue

Tongtian avenue is a winding road in Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan national forest park,the total length of the avenue is 10.77 km, with an elevation difference of nearly 1,100 meters. There are 99 bends in total, with 180° sharp bends changing from one to the other, which enjoy a reputation of “sky road”. The famous  Chinese movie star Sun honglei and Hong Kong stunt master Luo Lixian did the car drift  to challenge Tongtian avenue.

2,Tianmen Mountain Rope Way

Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Rope WayZhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Rope Way

Tianmen mountain rope way is the longest mountain passenger rope way in the world,which takes 38 minutes for one way to get to the top of Mountain.  It is located in the center of zhangjiajie city. There are 98 cabs and 57 cable way supports (including 3 rescue supports), all of which are imported by POMA  company of France. The rope way has a total length of 7455 meters and a vertical drop of 1279 meters .

3,Tianmen Cave

Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain-Heavenly Gate1 Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain-Heavenly Gate

Tianmen cave is located in tianmen mountain national forest park. With a height of 131.5m and a width of 50m, it is the highest natural cave in the world and the most representative scenic spot of tianmen mountain. “tianmen vomit fog” and “tianmen xiaguang” are regarded as rare sights and wonders in the world. The 999  heaven ladder is not only a way to access Tianmen Cave, but also a spiritual place for wishing and blessing by local people.  Due to snow and icy roads in winter time, Tianmen cave  and Tongtian avenue (the 99-curve winding mountain road) leading to Tianmendong will be closed.

4,Tianmen Mountain Glass Walkway

Bird'-eye View of Tianmen Mountain Sky walk in Zhangjiajie.JPGBird’-eye View of Tianmen Mountain Sky walk in Zhangjiajie

Tianmen mountain glass walkway hanging in the cliff on the peak of Tianmen mountain, is built with transparent glass.  You can see the deep valley under your feet and feel the joy of walking in the sky. There are 3 glass walkway on the mountain top located in the western line , eastern line and Kunpengding part respectively.

5,Ghost Valley Plank Road

Winter Experience in Tianmen Mountain-ZhangjiajieWinter Experience in Tianmen Mountain-Zhangjiajie

Tianmen mountain ghost valley plank road,hanging in the ghost valley hole along the side of the cliff. Ghost valley plank road is 800 meters in length, with an average altitude of 1,400 meters. The Difference from other plank road is that ghost road is neither on the top.nor on the side , but  in the middle of the cliff.The walking at the part is not the most exciting, but is the most interesting part.  At the highest point of the sky walk, there is a glass platform about 5 meters long sticking out over an abyss. when Looking down through the glass plarmtfom, the abyss is at your feet,fee like flying in the sky.