Bewitch people with Gu in Xiangxi 

Bewitch people with Gu in Xiangxi is an ancient and vicious witchcraft. Chun Qiu Zuo Zhuan , an ancient chronicle written 2000 years as records about Gu: various venomous are put inside one pot so that they can attack and eat each other, the only survivor is Bewitch people with Gu in Xiangxi called Gu in Chinese, namely the king of the venomous insects. Due to strict regulations and criminal laws in ancient dynasties. The poison made from Gu and its usage were completely subterranean. Consequently, despite of the numerous records about it in chronicles, details could not be found. t makes the witches and the poison more mysterious

Bewitch people with Gu means drugging people by putting the specially-made powder into their food. Once it was eaten, the victims would be bewitched and manipulated by the poison maker. There were thousands of ways to make those poisons without any fixed formula. Usually they were handed down from generation to generation, even within a family, the way is different from witch to witch. However, the main ingredients were more or less the same, including snakes, centipedes, ants, toads etc. Opposite to other familial confidential techniques which can only be inherited by sons, Gu can only be succeeded by daughters. Thus, it’s mainly mastere by women in Xiangxi. Gu could be divided into three categories according to the main ingredients: Love Gu, namely a love potion Phobia Gu, namely a phobia poison; Hatred Gu, namely hatred poison.

During the Cultural Revolution, Corpses Driving, Chenzhou Talismans and Gu Drugs were destroyed as the feudal superstition Now, the grand Xiangxi has been in the development of the Western China and become an area inhabited by several nationalities with healthy civilization.