Zhangjiajie Baofeng Lake

Boat Ride in Baofeng Lake Zhangjiajie1 Boat Ride in Baofeng Lake Zhangjiajie

The word “Baofeng” in chinese means treasures, it is said that a variety of gold silver and jewelry are in the baofeng lake. But who knows, whether it is true or not. Have to say about this lake was a reservoir before once used for irrigation,averaging 72meters in depth, the deepest place is 119 meters.

Later, we will take 35 minutes for boat trip, what more, in the baofeng lake , we can hear the lovely folk songs from tujia boy and girl. Let’s just have fun in here!

Zhangjiajie Baofeng waterfall: apparently from the baofeng lake. The water comes from the rain, spring and underground water. with a length of 3 square kilometer, the lake behind the mountain. Be patient, you will see the scenery of Happy buddha: in front, there is giant buddha sitting on the lake, can you find him? ok?See that crack? The Buddha is just on the right of the crack. Does it look like fat man sitting here. We called him happy Buddha.

Waterfall in Baofeng Lake Zhangjiajie Waterfall in Baofeng Lake Zhangjiajie

Half face of baijie; do you remember the famous novel; “ journey to the west”. as i’ve introduced before, he actually is a pervert. Here we see him again. Did you see there is pig head about 3 meters about the water? It’s him. But it’s only the half face. Why is here? It said beacause he heard the news that the goodness was taking bath here. So he was hiding and peeping at somewhere, he was found out, the goddess slapped his face into 2 halfs. See? The other half is on the wall. It was such a hard slapping. After the goddess realized she was insulted by the pig, she started to cry, then her crystal tears accumulated and became the lake. So the tears of the goddess is also the source of lake water.

The best always comes at last. Now we are very close to bathing goddess. Not sure if she is still crying because of the pig or sleeping because she tired, she has closed her eyes, look very peaceful. Her beauty is beyond word.

Baofeng lake in zhangjiajie Baofeng lake in zhangjiajie

We are approaching the edge of the lake. From here, we can see a toad or frog opening his mouth to the sky. What is he doing? He is waiting for something beautiful to eat. It reminds me of a well-spread proverb. Toad wish to eat swan. Ok, do you have any idea about this saying, what does it mean? It means somebody is not good enough for something, but still dreaming. The toad may not be able to eat the swan, but something else. He can eat the moon. In middle autumn festival, there would be a full moon just hanging in the mouth of the toad, just amazing.

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