5 Entrance gates to Zhangjiajie national forest park

It happens that people may get confused on which entrance gate they should start the visit to Zhangjiajie national park( Wulingyuan Scenic Area)when travel to Zhangjiajie. However, there are 5 entrance gates, located in different areas,for tourists to enter to Zhangjiajie national forest park. Among them, the most popular three gates are Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Gate(Southe gate), Wulingyuan Wujiayu Gate(East gate), Yangjiajie gate (West gate).The following information may help you to figure out the right way to go.

1,Wulingyuan Wujiayu tickets station(Biaozhimen gate or East gate)

Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Wujiayu Tickets Station Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Wujiayu Tickets Station-East Gate

This gate is Close to the government bureau and bus station of Wulingyuan district, with its excellent location and great convenience,it is recognized as the main gate where most of tourists choose to enter the national park . There are various kinds of hotels in all levels nearby, such as Pullman Zhangjiajie,Crown plaza,Lee’s boutique hotel,Tuniu inn and some other light luxury hotels, as well as the Charming Xiangxi folk show and Zhangjiajie Romantic show is quite close from this gate. More importantly, it is easy,for all tourists, to grab a taxi or a van or take a public shuttle bus from the bus station,to get to Zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge, Baofeng lake, Yellow dragon cave, Xibu street and other scenic spots.

In general, it is appropriate to book a hotel in Wulingyuan district and enter the park from Wulingyuan Wujiayu tickets station.However, the disadvantage of choosing this gate is that it always be stuffed with big crowds in the peak season or holidays and need to queue for hours for E-co shuttle buses, elevator and cable way.

2. Zhangjiajie national forest park tickets station (South gate)

Zhangjiajie National Park Entrance Gate-South Gate Zhangjiajie National Park Entrance Gate-South Gate

This is the first ticket station opened in 1982 at the same year when the park was built, It has an outstanding surroundings surrounded by fantastic mountains, whereas there are not much space to built hotels and receive large Numbers of visitors.Gradually,it was passed over by people.

Some old hotels as well as some newly built boutique inns and local B&B  are still available. The advantage of entering the park from this side is that it is easy to visit Huangshi village and the essence section of Jinbian brook . But it is not convenient to pay a visit to the most popular parts of the park– Yuanjiajie and Tianzi mountain.

3. Zi mu gang ticket station (Southeast gate)

Located in Longwei ba village,Xiehe township,Wulingyuan district,Zi mu gang ticket station is the smallest ticket station in Zhangjiajie national forest park. It’s up on a hillside and about 25 minutes away from Wulingyuan district.

There’s absolutely no queue for the whole year, but it also means that tourists need to wait until more people or for 20 minutes to take the E-co shuttle buses which stop at Water surrounding four-gate parking lot,where is the start of Golden whip stream.

Nowadays,a number of newly built luxury inns bringing more tourists to stay in this area, it is such a great pleasant to totally relax and enjoy the quiet and peaceful from the nature. But generally, this place is more like a remote mountain area that is quite far away other scenic spots, and there is not much things to do nearby.

4. Tianzi mountain gate ticket station (Northwest gate)

Located in Tianzi mountain town of Wulingyuan district,Tianzi mountain gate ticket station is off the way at the northwest of the park and a little bit far away from airport or train station or other scenic spots in Zhangjiajie.

In recent years,more and more people entering the park from this gate as the government strongly support the tourism development in Tianzi Mountain town and lots of economic boutique inns are appealing.

The biggest advantage of this ticket station is that tourists can directly take a free E-co shuttle bus to Tianzi mountain scenic spot or Yuanjiajie scenic spot or Wulong village, saving the elevator or cable car fees.As mentioned before,the most inconvenience of this tickets station is that it is far away from the main city and the road is quite rough before 2019.

Now due to the opening of Yangjiajie avenue, it has been slightly improved, but part of the road is still bumpy. (The section from Yangjiajie ticket station to Tianzi Mountain town ). Moreover, tourists need to go back and forth if they would like to visit Yellow stone village and Jinbian brook.

5. Yangjiajie ticket station (West gate)

Located in Yejipu village,Zhonghu township of Wulingyuan district,Yangjiajie ticket station is 43km meters away from Zhangjijaie city in the mountain area. With the opening of Yangjiajie avenue in 2019,it became well-known by more and more people together with Tianzi mountain gate ticket station which is 15 kilo meters away.

From here,Tourist can easy get to Yangjiajie scenic spot,Tianzi Mountain,Yuanjiajie as well as Huangshi village and golden whip stream.There are a large number of hotel accommodations near Yangjiajie ticket station,such as No.5 valley luxury inn,homeward mountain hotels,Mini inn and other selections of inns in all levels.