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Chinese Name: 郴州 English IPA: Chenzhou Location: Southeast of Hunan Population (city): 463 Million Language: Chenzhou Language Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Chenzhou, the so-called southern gate of Hunan, stretches at the northern foot of the Southern Ridges in the southeast of Hunan. It has Jurisdiction over 2 cities and 9 counties, with an area of 19,400 square km and a population of 4. 63 million, among whom around 1. 8 million are city dwellers Rich in underground resources, the Southern Ridges is widely known as”a land of nonferrous metals”,“ a power base in Mid- South china”and“ a center of exploitable geothermal resources With its dense vegetation, it has also become a large natural botanical garden, providing shelter not only various plants but also rare animals. Based on these natural resources, the industry, agriculture and forestry of Chenzhou are developing quickly,The history of Chenzhou City can be traced back to the Qin dynasty(221 bc—206 BC).During the reign of Emperor Liu Bang(256 bc–195 BC) of the Han dynasty(206 bc 220 AD), it became the seat of Guiyang City, administrating 11 counties.

Then in the Three Kingdoms Period(220-280), a scholar of the Kingdom of Wei compiled Notes on Guiyang City, which proves to be the first local chronicle of Hunan During the Tang dynasty(618/907), it not only gave birth to a prime minister, but also had fascination for such celebrities as Song Zhiwen (656?–712), Han Yu (768-824),Liu Zongyuan(773–819), Liu Yuxi(772-842), Wang Changling (698–757)and Du Fu (712-770), who thus wrote a large number of masterpieces in praise of chenzhou’s long history and spectacular landscape. In the Song dynasty(960-1279), it became more widely known to the whole country owing to Qin guan’s(1049–1100) sentimental poem entitled”To the Tune of Tashaxing: Stay at a Guesthouse in Chenzhou.

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    Of the fantastic scenic spots and historic sites here, the most famous is Su the Immortals Ridge, which, originally called the Ox Spleen Hill, stands 1. 5 km east of the city of Chenzhou. It was named after Su Dan, son of a naive village girl and a celestial duAckeed Born in the White Deer Cave in the Ox Spleen Hill, Su sucked milk from the fairy deer and gradually grew into a kind and pious man. Having a good knowledge of medicinal herbs, he treated villagers free of charge and, thanks to his good deeds, was finally accepted by Heaven as a celestial being. Thus the hill he resided in was renamed Su the Immortal,s Ridge Now the hill presents a dozen of scenes enshrouded in this fairy tale, including the Peach Blossom Residence, the White Deer Cave, the Three Wonders Tablet, the Ascension Rock, the Mother-Expecting Pine and the Taoist Temple to Su the Immortal. [...]

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