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Chinese Name: 衡山 English IPA: Hengshan Location: Southeast Hunan Population (city): Hengshan Local Dialect Language: Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

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    Heshuan Old town in Tengchong, Baoshan,Huitong Bridge in Longling County,Baoshan,Songshan Battlefield in Longling are the most popular and notable place you can visit in Baoshan. Also it's always famous for its volcano and 'hot sea&hot field'|Baoshan Attractions,Baoshan Highlights,what to visit in Baoshan|Baoshan Attractions, Baoshan Highlights, what to visit in Baoshan,Baoshan famous scenery| The highlight spot you may like to go to in Baoshan. [...]

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    |Baoshan Climate, Baoshan Weather, Best Time to Visit Baoshan,Baoshan Temperture|Baoshan Climate, Baoshan Weather, Best Time to Visit Baoshan,Baoshan weather tips,Baoshan temperature|The average climate and weather status you need to know when you visit Baoshan. [...]

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    |Baoshan Transportation, Transportation in Baoshan,how to get to Baoshan|Baoshan Transportation, Transportation in Baoshan,how to get to Baoshan,bus tickets booking in Baoshan|How do you get to Baoshan from other places. [...]

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