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Chinese Name: 岳阳市 English IPA: Yueyang City Location: Southeast Hunan Population (city): 568 million Language: Yueyang Dialect Zip code: 414000 Tel code: UTC+8 Time zone:

Yueyang, formerly known as Baling or Yuezhou, Is located at the confluence of the Dongting Lake and the Yangtze River. Its waterway links up the Lake system on the south, the Three Gorges to the northeast and Shanghai to the east, turning the city into a key gateway of North Hunan to the outside world.

It has under its jurisdiction 3 districts. 6 counties and 5 state run farms, with a total area of 15,000 km. It has a population of 4, 550, 000, of whom 820, 000 are city dwellers. It used to be a small consumer city, yet now it has grown into a developing industrial city. Yueyang is a city of great antiquity.

As an administrative unit, it came into being in 505 BC a year in the Spring and Autumn Period(770 BC-476 BC). In the Qin dynasty(210 BC–206 BC),it was put under the jurisdiction of Changsha City. A land of great strategic importance, it was frequently contended for by warlords during the Three Kingdoms Period(220-280), as is indicated by a variety of historical documents and the sites of some of those fierce battles here .It was called Baling County in the Jin dynasty(265-420). Since then the town has alwaysgovernment at the county or city level. Finally, it was renamed Yueyang County in 1912 and came within the jurisdiction of the Provincial Government as Yueyang City in 1983

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    With the rapid development of its municipal construction and tourism, Yueyang has become an ideal tourist destination to sight seers at home and abroad A city dotted with historic sites, it can surely satisfy those who tend to muse over the past. Ascending the Yueyang Tower, one who has some knowledge of the Chinese history may well be inspired to meditate upon the unswerving loyalty of ancient men of letters to their motherland, or the misty view of hundreds of [...]

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