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Chinese Name: 娄底 English IPA: Loudi Location: Southeast of Hunan Population (city): 412 Million Language: Loudi language Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Located in the middle reaches of the Lian River in Central Hunan, Loudi City has jurisdiction over 3 cities and 2 counties, with an area of 8, 066 km 2 and apopl lation of 4. 12 million, among whom around 1. 34 million are city dwellers.
It covers a hilly land irrigated by the Zi River, the Lian River and other small rivers rising in mountains,and thus possesses favorable conditions for the growing of various crops and the raising of livestock. Besides, Loudi is very rich in mineral resources, among which iron, coal and antimony are in largest amounts in Hunan, South China and the world respectively.

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    Loudi's tourist resources fall into 3 categories: caves, historic sites and summer resorts. The Waving Moon Cave in a suburban village of Lengshuijiang City is known as “a magnificent underground palace.At its entrance,there is a small lake shaped like the waxing moon. When the moon rises to the zenith, visitors can see in the flashing lake both the softly waving reflections of the bright moon and the semicircular entrance to the cave, hence the name The first hall presents a [...]

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