Huangsiqiao Old Town

Built in 686, the old town of Huangsiqiao( Yellow Silk Bridge) has had a history of over 13 centuries. As one of the best preserved stone towns in China, it was designated in 1983 as a key cultural site under protection at the provincial level and in 2006 as a site under the state’s protection. It is purely a construction of black stone blocks, and covers an area of 2, 900 m. The wall is 5.6 m in height, 2.9 m in width and 686 m in circumference. Formerly an earthen construction, it was rebuilt of stones in 1799 and became the seat of the local forces. With the convertions and renovations over the 4 dynasties, it has been turned Into a unique stone town. This old town has 3 gates, on which are over-10-meter-tall towers in the Qing (1616-1911) architectural style. There on the wall are over 300 arrow-shooting holes as well as 2 protruding batteries. Get onto the wall, look ahead, and you’ll see vast fields and a meandering river-a pastoral landscape. To everyone’s surprise, here were stationed troops and built outposts by the courts of various dynasties to suppress Miao people’s rebellions.