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Situated in the southwest of Central Hunan, Shaoyang Is contiguous to Hengyang on the Yongzhou and Guangxi on the sout th Huaihua on the west and Loudi on the north. With 9 counties under its jurisdiction, it has an area of 20, 000 km and a population of 7. 47 million, among whom 0.6 million are city dwellers. It covers a vast basin surrounded by the snow capped Mountains on3 sides and irrigated by the Zi River and the Shao River.

Shaoyang City is of great antiquity. The Town of Zhaoling was set up here as early as th Spring and Autumn Period (770 bc/476 BC). In 266, it was turned into the County of Zhaol ng and in 280 it was called Shaoyang(“north of the Shao River”) to avoid alluding to the given na of the then emperor Sima Zhao, which was under taboo. Then in 1225. a Song emperor named it Baoqing after his reign title, and the name remained in use for 7 centuries. Finally, in 1928, it was renamed Shaoyang. Now it has grown into an important distribution center in the southwest of Hu nan,with its economy based on mining, forestry and commerce .

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    Shaoyang possesses rich tourist resources. It boasts several historic and cultural sites infer provincial protection. The temple to God of Water stands by the confluence of the Zi River and the Shao River in Shaoyang city. It date back to 1573, when the locals , quite frightened by floods donated large sums of money to construction of the shrine of God of Water. Rebuilt in 1846, the temple is a wooden structure with a double-eave roof. The lower eave is [...]

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