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Chinese Name: 衡山 English IPA: Hengshan Location: Southeast Hunan Population (city): Hengshan Local Dialect Language: Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Baoshan is located in the southwest of Yunnan, bordering Burma to the northwest and south. Benefited from the long boundary line of 167.78 kilometers, the South Silk Route, Yunnan-Burma Road and Stilwell Road cross this land. Known as the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, there are 289,000 overseas Chinese from Baoshan. 

Highlights of Baoshan

▪ Heshun Old Town: Enjoying long history and civilization of more than 600 years, there is around 1000 traditional folk residences in Heshun, 100 of which is built in Qing Dynasty, known as the ‘Living Fossil of Chinese Ancient Architecture’. 

▪ Gaoligong Mountain:  a mountainous sub-range of the southern Hengduan Mountain Range, straddling the border of southwestern China and northern Myanmar.||Hengshan overview :Hengshan Tours,Travel to Hengshan,Things to Do in Hengshan||ueyang Tours,Travel to Hengshan,Things to Do in Hengshan||Hengshan tours will take to visit the Hengshan

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    Hengshan Attractions

    Heshuan Old town in Tengchong, Baoshan,Huitong Bridge in Longling County,Baoshan,Songshan Battlefield in Longling are the most popular and notable place you can visit in Baoshan. Also it's always famous for its volcano and 'hot sea&hot field'|Baoshan Attractions,Baoshan Highlights,what to visit in Baoshan|Baoshan Attractions, Baoshan Highlights, what to visit in Baoshan,Baoshan famous scenery| The highlight spot you may like to go to in Baoshan. [...]

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    Baoshan City is located in Nujiang mountain tail Gaoligongshan mountain range , mounted between the Lancang river, Nujiang river . longitude 98 43 '~ 99 26', latitude 24 46 '~ 25 38'.Baoshan is located between the border of Myanmar and the Lancang river (Mekong). The Nujiang (Salween River) flows through the entire length of the prefecture, north to south. The climate is warm and temperate in Longyang. The rainfall in Longyang is significant, with precipitation even during the driest month. This [...]

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    By Air  Baoshan Yunduan Airport is situated at the southern part of Baoshan and is 9 kilometers from the downtown of Longyang District, Baoshan City. It has one flight to Kunming per day with air routes totaling 362 kilometers.  The ticket price for the 40 minutes trip. It costs 25-30 yuan to get to the airport from the city center by taxi.   Tele: (0875) 2120541  Address:  No. 100 Youqu Road, Baoshan city   By Bus  National Highway 320 passes through the Baoshan city.  Baoshan Bus [...]

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    Culture And Festivals

    Baoshan City is located in thwart south of mountain range section. Thwart mountain enter people protect behind the mountain, reduce suddenly at imposing manners, the grand a grand one is the vertical valley ground form depend on, it ands intersperse by volcano ground forms , karst ground forms , basin ground form form magnificent colourful ground form of High and low south north relief, at high Li tribute mountain heavy angries, above sea level each, minimum leave the country place [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Population: 2,430,000 Area: 19,637 square kilometers (7,582 square miles) Nationalities: Han, Yi   Administrative Division: 1 district (Longyang); 4 counties (Shidian, Tengchong, Longling, Changning)   Seat of the city government: No.26, Tongren Street, Longyang District, Baoshan City   Useful Telephone Numbers: Tourist Complaints: 0875-96927, 2122583 Weather Forecast: 121 Zip Code Inquiry: 184 Bank of China Baoshan Branch: No.2, Baoyou Road (East), Longyang District, Baoshan City  China Post Baoshan Branch: No.21, Xiaxiang Street, Longyang District, Baoshan City   1. Baoshan Airport is 9 kilometer (5.6 miles) from the [...]

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