Hunan Destinations

Hunan, locates in the central part of China Mainland,surrounded by mountains on the east, west and south.On top covered a lake named"Dongting" on the north.Because this land is to south of "DongtingLake",then

the names comes literally,Hu means "Lake", Nan indicates"South".Due to the fine condition for agriculture provided by the cup-liketerrain. the land is made fertile and producitive,and well praised as"the Hometown Of Rice&Fish"for all time in history that fully breeds the people of majority and minority as well residing here,and its own featured civilation has been formed based on it.Now,Hunan has long been known for its beauty of unique-typed nature,mystery of multiple culture,greatness of profound history,and charm of people.Through a tour,Through a tour,all travel-lovers would definitely be deep impressed by amazing Hunan...

Top Toursit Destinations in Hunan